Montbéliarde Association
Organisme de Sélection de la Race Montbéliarde
Montbéliarde Association
A parliament, a breeders'association, a source of references

Adding value to the young bulls

Efficient young bulls

The Montbeliarde young bulls regularly reach an ADG of 1.200g/day. They can leave at 20 months old weighing more than 450kg in carcass weight.

On average and with a similar slaughter age (Montbeliarde : 623 days, Prim’Holstein : 622 days), the Montbeliarde young bull has a 29kg higher carcass weight (Montbeliarde : 384kg – Prim’Holstein : 355kg), a superior confirmation (O+ for O-). This all represents an added value of about 200 euros per animal, with a carcass yield between 56% and 58%.

Young cattle: carcass weight

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