Montbéliarde Association
Organisme de Sélection de la Race Montbéliarde
Montbéliarde Association
A parliament, a breeders'association, a source of references


Another strength of the Montbeliarde 

The Montbeliarde is a dairy breed but it can also produce meat. Male calf value is very appreciated by farmers, along with the possibilities to upgrade culled and young bulls.

A Montbeliarde herd produces a superior meat yield of 30€/1.000L on average, compared to a Holstein herd*.

According to a 2012 survey**, the butcher’s value of the Montbeliarde is amongst the first qualities named by farmers (with health and longevity).


*Comparison according to data from Clasel, 2012-2013 (Mayenne and Sarthe department).

**Survey conducted by the Montbeliarde SO from 1.200 farmers from Northern and Western France.